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American Inkjet Systems is a Color Revolution!

We listened to what you wanted and this is our idea of what we can offer you:

We are not just an ink manufacturer, but an imaging digital technology company with extensive knowledge in color management, printing, and printer support. We haven’t copied OEM inks or anyone’s, instead we have created new inks for Piezo Printers, e.g. Epson, Mimaki, Roland, and Mutoh offering Vibrant Reds, Glowing Greens, Luminescent Oranges, Brilliant Blues, Hot Pinks and many more colors from unique pure archival pigments and special Neon Dyes of superior luminosity. Our inks offer competitive pricing.

Each of our Archival Giclée ink sets have been created to extend the Color Gamut with more ”life like” luminosity for the Photographic, Fine Art, and Display fields, while our Neon Textile Dye Inks can reproduce over 650,000 colors, including, what you would call the WOW colors of Fuscia-Hot Pink as well as all the subtle values. No other company has focused its energy to this extent. That is why we say, Seeing is truly believing. We invite you to request sample prints.

You can use your standard printing method and get great results or move up to our Symphonic Rip and Multi-channel inks with our help and guidance and WOW your clients.  

Whether you are a novice, an advanced printer or you want to advance, we will work with you hand in hand. So, in a nutshell, it is our intention of helping you make the best prints possible!

Take Your Color To The MAX!

See our selection of products including inks, Rip Software, Color Management, and Bulk Ink Systems for Epson and other Printers.
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"AIS and I have worked together for over five years pushing the envelope in paper and ink. Printing on Museo Max with Symphonic UltraMax II produced the deepest, richest color of any ink. The prints are vibrant and alive...The combination of Symphonic Evolution and Symphonic Ink is as good as it gets...."

 - Giles Prett of Crane Paper Company

Tel: 201 263-9177  9 Am to 7 PM 201 753-4600 10 AM to 7 PM Testimonials: Meet some very talented  people who have grown with our technology and support.

"AIS has serviced our company for several years with custom profiles for their dynamic Neon Textile Sampling Inks. AIS developed a new color pallet for us that not only made it possible to reproduce Hot Pinks and Fuscia, but livened up Purples Blues, Greens, and Reds resulting in the most brilliant textile prints. We have worked together as a team to improve the end result.

 Vincent Zambrano of Jones Apparel Group

Breath life into your old Printer with better color than when it was new!

Learn what you need to know that salespeople and other techs won’t tell you!

Bring your new printer into our Color Revolution to get the richest color and longest life images!

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